Here is my latest mocap/FPS reel. Please shoot me an e-mail if you wish to view it so I can give you the password.

 Here is a compilation of my CG animation work for 2011.

Although I'm working on other animations, I always like to look at old ones or a work in progress just to see what I can add. Sometimes my animations inspire eachother when I do this. Whether its a small facial expression or an outrageous pose, I always find more to add. ;)

This was something fun I recently finished. I hit a rough spot or two but overall I enjoyed making this come to life. I used Maya 2011.

This cute little rig is so fun to work with. He's peacefully dreaming... Or is he?

Lip sync. Dialog from 40 year Old Virgin.

This was one of a few animated scenes I did for a short student film called New Hire.

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